Introduction to Flight Path Program


The Flight Path Program (FPP) is the new competition and development program for the under 8 and 10 age group.  This program will be the next step in your child’s development after Aussie Hoops.  The FPP is designed to ready children for the under 12 domestic competition and filter an even spread of talent across all clubs.  This program will allow children to develop in their own time and not be thrown in the deep end with older; more skilled children.  This will result in an even and more beneficial competition for the children and coaches to develop in.  The structured program will also attract more players and their families into the basketball community.  This will in turn raise the retention rate in the sport and provide a strong competition for the future.

The aim of the development program is to provide a solid foundation for children, referees and coaches, to ensure the long term sustainability of the SBA.  The FPP will be broken down into 3 levels, with each level having competency goals for each child to strive towards. We understand that children develop better fundamentals with qualified coaches and resources which will be provided by the SBA consistently throughout the program.


  • 3 tier system Bronze Wings, Silver Wings and Gold Wings
  • Every level will play weekly 40 minute games.
  • FPP will have a structured development curriculum so the children can learn skill sets, play competitive games and have fun.   
  • The program is designed for your child to have fun playing and competing with and against old and new friends.
  • The program will be run by qualified and experienced coaches.
  • Parents are welcome to learn and participate alongside the coaches if they wish.
  • Each child receives a pack of Flight Path Program merchandise. 
  • Price: $170 per season (New Paticipants). (Planned to be closely priced in line with current club fees)
  • Day and times: Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons - 4:30pm - 6pm at Eric Boardmand Stadium. NOW 10:00am -11:30am Saturdays in Gisborne
  • Wendsdays have an all girls Comp in Sunbury
  • 90 minute sessions (40min Skill, 50min (allow setup/half time)competition games).
  • Skill set graduation system between, for linier progression of development.
  • At the beginning of each season revision session of previous seasons skills.
  • Your child does not have to have participated in Aussie Hoops to enter the program.
  • Depending of numbers. Girls and boys separate. If female numbers are low we will try to make all female teams to compete. 
  • This season is from 17th October 2017 to 17th March 2018.


For further information please visit this link for a list of FAQ's about the program:

For questions not outlined in the FAQ please email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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