2017/18 VJBL Teams

The Sunbury Basketball Association is pleased to announce the following players have been selected for each team for the 2017/18 VJBL season.



Teams are not final until the beginning of Grading phase two (2). This means that coaches can make changes to their teams to promote or demote due to injury, lack of performance or change to better balance teams. This again will be at the coaches’ discretion but will need to be approved by the Director of Coaching before any changes are made.


A parent from each team is required to manage the team for the VJBL season. You can approach the coach of your team to enquire about the role. For more information on the duties and responsibilities of team manager you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

teams u12s to u18s practice every Sunday for approximately 2 hours as per the master practice plan at Boardman Stadium. Each team will also have an additional mid-week training session that will be determined by the coach and players availability. Players are to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled practice time and be mentally prepared for rigorous and challenging practice sessions. They should be dressed in the Jets reversible practice singlet and suitable basketball shorts.



Players who do not train at either session or show up late or leave early no matter the excuse will not start the game on Friday. They cannot be subbed in until after the five (5) minute mark of the firstquarter. Coaches reserve the right to not play players at all who do not practice both sessions or consistently miss trainings no matter the excuse. For players who arrive late or leave trainings early on a consistent basis, the coach has the right to reduce their court time. It is up to each individual coach to police and enforce this with his or her players.



Players ARE NOT to leave early from our trainings to attend other sports. Doing so will result in the Director of Coaching evaluating your position at the club. Also as a consequence the player may not take the court the following Friday until the second half of the game. This will be at each coach’s discretion as to whether they choose to exercise this penalty. You are making a commitment to the club to play REPRESENTATIVE BASKETBALL in a STATE-WIDE COMPETITION and this comes with certain responsibilities to your Club & Team. Domestic hockey, football or netball etc. Comes second to Jets training.


All training sessions start on the 22nd of October and mid-week trainings start the week after. Coaches/Managers will need to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange their mid-week training. You can find your teams training time on the website. or below.


 2017 18 Court allocations for Sunday rep trainings


Court time will be assessed and rewarded based on attitude, behaviour, team needs, strategies and tactics employed by the coach and the Director of Coaching, defensive match ups and consistent performances in games and trainings, Due to the nature of Representative Basketball, players cannot be guaranteed equal court time. However, parents who are concerned with their child’s role on the team should arrange a suitable time to discuss the matter (politely) with their Team Manager to organise a meeting with coaching staff. This is to be done at an arranged time before or after training & NOT straight after the game. NOT DOING SO CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES.


All players or parents are required to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to accept their position in the team by Oct 19th. Coaches will be given contact information of each player in their team so they can follow up and introduce themselves.


Finally, our junior jets chair will be in touch with more information in regard to your child’s selection, so please check your emails regularly.


U12.1 Boys

Cooper Lofts

Jack Sheedy

Partick Cooper

Rhys Garrahan

Joshua Harris

Jameson Hasby

Sonny Maxwell

Jayden Hodgson

Logan Chandler

Coach: Shayne Farrugia

Assistant Coach: TBC

Team Manager: TBC


U12.2 Boys

Joshua Clancy

Matthew Burnett

Robert Cox

Ned Casey

Tyler Kevill

Tyson Lamb

Mitchell Reeks

Seth Jane

Xavier Berry


Coach: Mick Burnett

Assistant Coach: Chris Casey

Team Manager: TBC

U12 Boys Mentor Coach: TBC 


U12.1 Girls

Emily Kelly 

Kyrah Guarino 

Alyssa Evans

Eden Wilkins

Zoe Thornton

Kaija Hubbard

Taya van Peppen

Mariam Hafiz 

Sarah Hafiz

Toniyah Wilkns-Waretini

Coach: Daniel Jackson

Assistant Coach: Chloe Jackson

U12 Girls Mentor Coach: TBC 



U14.1 Boys

Bayley Lattenstein

Cormac Hayes

Fletcher Cooper

Lachlan Urbon

Lachlan Vincent

Patrick Cahill

Siologa Siu

Tadhg Condron

Tyler Theodore

William Rousch

Coach: Darren Watkins

Assistant Coach: Aidan Darminin

Team Manager: TBC


U14.2 Boys

Dane Reeks

Harrison Casey

Lachlan Gook

Joel Hodgson

Lachlan Hay

Marcus Lane

Matthew O'Rafferty

Milz Asiata

Riley Casey

Samuel Parker

Coach: Chris Casey

Assistant Coach: TBC

Team Manager: TBC


U14.3 Boys

Aaron Tucker

Ben Carrello

Caleb Micallef

Cooper Steenbuck

Kye Sheedy

Liam Jeffreys

Zac Payton

Patrick McTigue

Phoenix Martin

Ryan Jinkins

Coach: Ben Payton

Assistant Coach: TBC

Team Manager: TBC


U14.4 Boys

Brock Cartwright

Hunter Gardner

Jack Azzopardi

Jackson McHenry

James Tucker

Jaxon Dowal

Michael Sparks

Robert Sparks

Thomas Aquilina

Thomas Conroy

Coach: Patrick Gardner

Assistant Coach: TBC

Team Manager: TBC

U14 Boys Mentor Coach: Darren Watkins



U14.1 Girls

Demi Sheedy

Cara Beattie

Zoe Duff

Molly Garahan

Ashlyn Broomhall

Megan Portelli

Elisie Noonan

Giselle Kiliva

Rosabella Alainuuese

Coach: Courtney Duever

Assistant Coach: Tina Duff

Team Manager: TBC


U14.2 Girls

Maddison Dohmen-Jolly

Imogen Chapman

Jorja Marie

Laniee Thorne

Lily Dowsett

Ava McGrath

Shaila Mychal

Bridie Conway

Georgia Greaves

Coach: Brent Jolly

Assistant Coach: TBC

Team Manager: TBC

U14 Girls Mentor Coach: Sharon Plichta


U16.1 Boys

1. Dylan Cheyne

3. Jack Williamson

4. Joshua Greetham

6. Thomas Vincent

51. Jake Egan

57. Ryder Rousch

67. Izrael Wilkins-Te Paiho

77. Issac Fofana

78. Tate Barnes

86. David Angove

Coach: Orla O’Reilly

Assistant Coach: TBC

Team Manager: TBC


U16.2 Boys

Matt Merrett

Daniel Stubbs

Jeremy Rankin

Jacob Poyser

Kasey Curll

Mitchell Ponton

Luke Ellings

Darcy McGrath

Emanuel Paulo

Michael Ognjanov

Coach: Bart Barnes

Assistant Coach: TBC

Team Manager: TBC


U16.3 Boys

Jackson Treweek

Jack Dohmen-Jolly

Taylor Bell

Ben Attard

Wesley Santos

Ty Duff

Rhys Davey

Xavier Tadd

Patrick Ervin

Vitolio Paulo

Training players

Byron Lynch

Kallen McDowell

William Miller

Aaron West

Coach: Robbie Lynch

Assistant Coach: TBC (Big V Men’s player)

Team Manager: TBC

U16 Boys Mentor Coach: TBC 


U16.1 Girls

Abi Ross

Grace Cooper

Lauren Trakosas

Erin Condron

Olivia Ogston

Chelsi Bowman

Adrienne Cameron

Maddison Ford

Beyonce Wigg

Scarlett Orritt

Co-Coach: Kennedy Kereama

Co-Coach: Chelsea Burns

Assistant Coach: Simon Nicholson

Team Manager: TBC


U16.2 Girls

Hannah Davis

Lauren Nielsen

Emma Portelli

Sam Dellar

Alannah Burnett

Ella Unwin

Amy Clendenning

Emma Clendenning

Sarah Baker

Lillian Albrecht

Coach: Chris Nielsen

Assistant Coach: TBC

Team Manager: TBC


U16.3 Girls

Tameka Schwass

Rachel White

Emily Cain

Abbey Hyatt

Grace Krstev

Amy Webber

Lilli Collins

Isabella Bird

Sophie Ball

Coach: Peter Routley

Assistant Coach: Mikayla Aquilina

Team Manager: TBC

U16 Girls Mentor Coach: Kennedy Kereama


U18.1 Boys

Jack Betson

Ryley McQuinn

Jakeb Coles

Joshua Sette

Taite Brealey

Patrick Attard

Jai Everitt

Jordan Theodore

Jesse Tidswell

Joel Scherer

Coach: Peter Attard

Assistant Coach: Matthew Chaston

Team Manager: TBC


U18.2 Boys

Max Kuhlmey

Mathew Webber

Matthew Mott

Zach Albrecht

Lachlan Treweek

Matthew Leggot

Rueben Faltiska

Daniel Salvatore

Jackson Ball

Erik Galeotti

Coach: Simon Albrecht

Assistant Coach: TBC

Team Manager: TBC


U18.3 Boys

Jacob Warberton

Kyle Bravo-Cripps

Caedon Lane

Hayden Lane

Zak McCormick

Harrison Davey

Joshua Stepens-Cain

Tyson Hamilton

Declan Farrelly

Ayden Mcdowell

Coach: Brendan Farrelly

Assistant Coach: TBC

Team Manager: TBC

U18 Boys Mentor Coach: Josiah Smith


U18.1 Girls

Kirby Elliott

Taylah Egan

Katelyn Strawhorn

Riahni Egan

Ally Stewart

Georgia Harris

Jessica Kivimets

Mackenzie Hayes

Jessica Evans

Kasey Ward

Training players

Tegan Fox

Charlotte Noonan 

Mackenzie Cameron

Brooke Harris

Meg Norman

Coach: Chris Egan

Assistant Coach: TBC Big V Women’s player

Team Manager: TBC

U18 Girls Mentor Coach: Christopher Tighe


20's Men 

Alex Sciortino

Brandon De Bono

Chris John 

Connor Hand

Harrison Rogers

Jace Whorlow

Jackson McSweeney

Joel Townsing

Joshua O'Connell

Seth Warren

Head Coach: Josiah Smith

Assistant Coach: Christopher Bartalotta 

Team Manager: TBC


The SBA would like to wish anyone who was not successful in selection for a team all the best with their basketball development and encourage them to register for the Domestic Development Program and attend any camps to help increase their chances next time. 


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