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SBA Announces 3 Year Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2015-2017

SBA endorsed a three year strategic plan at the 2015 AGM. The strategic plan has priorities and actions which will contribute to the growth and development of basketball at Sunbury. This document is updated regularly throughout the year as actions are completed.

SBA Strategic Plan

SBA Climate Policy


Sunbury Basketball Association Incorporated (‘SBA’), as a member of Basketball Victoria (‘BV’), operates in accordance with BV’s Bylaws - Participant’s Protection (amended 22/11/2009). The SBA is also bound by Hume City Council’s (HCC) Extreme Heat Policy.

As such, SBA Bylaw 8.26 is to be interpreted as follows:

  • All SBA-sanctioned venues must have an operating thermometer from which readings are regularly taken and recorded by door staff;
  • When the on-court temperature is recorded at or above 35°C, the competition organisers (Junior Delegates Committee) must implement, and advise the Referee supervisor/s, of the following timing rules:
    • Reduce the game time by 2 minutes per half;
    • Referees must call an additional compulsory timeout close to the middle of each half – where the clock stops;
    • One team must call a time out before, and, the other team must call a time out after the compulsory time out;
      • If not, the referees will intervene and call necessary timeout/s.
  • All games will be cancelled, for the rest of that day, at that venue once the on court temperature is measured at or above 38°C

Key points to consider for all SBA Members:



  • Rehydrate before, during and after a game;
  • Be aware of and alert to the symptoms of Heat stress;
  • Evaporative cooling units, where present and working, will only be turned on when court temperature exceeds 27°C and the external temperature is forecast to exceed 30°C (HCC Policy).




SBA Climate Policy


Sunbury Basketball Association Incorporated                       

ABN 39 217 410 982


Policy updated – 14/11/2014

SBA launches Aussie Hoops

   SBA logo         AH Logo

Sunbury Basketball Association today launched a new and improved local Aussie Hoops program which is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever, with many local kids participating.

Aussie Hoops media release - 2/3/2015


SBA operations chief keen to expand

                                           SBA logo      BB  SHH jpg

A focus on developing and helping expand the Sunbury Basketball Association is one of the key roles for the association's new basketball operations manager.

Andrew Summerville was appointed in October and has jumped straight into work since arriving from Queensland.

Star Weekly - Sunbury Basketball Association operations chief keen to expand



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