Green Shirt Program

Aim green shirt referees

The aim of the Coloured Shirt Program is to make beginner/inexperienced officials easily recognisable to all players, coaches and spectators with the objective that people will identify these officials are learning and will be tolerant of mistakes.

Background   Most sports have difficulty recruiting, training and retaining officials. Between 1997 and 2001, the number of officials in Australian sport dropped 26%. A recent survey conducted by the Australian Sports Commission identified that harassment, abuse and lack of respect for officials were major causes of the declining number of people officiating.

In an effort to improve the retention of officials in South Australia, the Office for Recreation and Sport piloted a Coloured Shirt Program, which was based on a program that had been initiated by the SA National Football League. Basketball South Australia was involved in the pilot, which demonstrated improved results in retaining officials.

The Program   On the basis of the positive feedback regarding the pilot, Basketball Australia, with the support of each state/territory association, has now launched the Coloured Shirt Program, which is available to all affiliated associations.

The program intends to supports local associations to retain learner officials through the provision of a variety of tools and support mechanisms, including the use of a brightly coloured shirt worn by new officials to identify them as a learner or beginner. There are posters and cards available to associations that remind players, coaches and spectators “not to see red” if an official does make a mistake.

Associations participating in the program will also have access to a range of tools that will help them to implement, administer and evaluate the program. Associations are encouraged to identify mentors for beginning officials who can lend a “friendly ear” and provide feedback to the official as they learn their craft.

Associations wanting more information, or to be involved in the program, should contact their state/territory association.

Basketball Australia thanks the SA Office for Recreation and Sport for their permission to utilise materials in the program.


What happens Next - About the Referees Program

Are there different levels of referees?

Once you have successfully completed the Orientation Level course, you are assessed and graded by your Referee Advisor to Level 1C and are qualified to officiate domestic competition.

Within six to twelve months of gaining your Level 1C grading, you are assessed by your Referee Advisor who may upgrade you to Level 1B when you are comfortable and confident with the whistle!

To become a Level 1A referee, you much undertake a course conducted by your Referee Advisor. This course may take up to six weeks (6 x 2 hours) to complete. Upon completion of an A grade course, you are likely to be refereeing at the highest level competition at your association!

Once you become Level 1A grade official, you may be nominated by your Referee Advisor to officiate on the Victorian Junior Panel where you will be refereeing the best junior basketballers in the State in the Victoria Junior Championship.

You will receive regular evaluations on your performance and helpful tips from the most senior educators in Victoria.

You will gain great experience refereeing on the Victorian Junior Panel and it is from here that referees may be nominated to participate in the State Referees Development Program, or be selected to represent Victoria at Junior Australian and Club Championships.

After completing a year on the Junior Panel, referees are invited to undertake the Level 2 referees course and possibly be invited to referee for the Big V.

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